Description of "Recycling"

The main point of my project is to make people more aware of how important recycling is, along with giving them the opportunity to know about how everything is recycled. Also it explains how people can make recycling easy and convenient for you, letting you know why people do or do not recycle.


A) Percentage of student using the Internet at home:

none less than 20 21-50% more than 50%

B) Number of workstations with Internet access in the classroom:

none 1 2-3 4-6 more than 6

C) Connection speed used in the classroom:

dial-up modem dedicated connection not sure

I mainly used the computers at my school during class to work on this website. I had no problems at all, it was really simple.


Problems i had to over come was finding an expert for my senior project, getting an interview and just gathering all of my information that I needed.

Recycle, its that simple!


I volunteered at Reagan Brotheres Recycling Industry in my neighborhood for 10 hours and completed 50 hours of internship there as well. Dan Regan agreed to be my expert and i got an interview with Kathrine Rehder, who is the manage at IM Electronic Recycling. Finally I was a leader on the " World Descovery Days" at my school raising awarness on recycling with children by handing out pamphlets give facts about recycling, and making new recycling containersand signs saying to recycle.

I have done an oral report on my project in class, posted my information on my project on Doors to Deplomacy, read my recycling pamphlet to children at my school.

 My neighbors have are now more aware of recycling now, i have noticed that recycling bens outside their houses is always full each week now.


I am not surprised that people think recycling is important, especially because is it. The only surprise was how supported my school was on my project and how many opportunites have been given to me.

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