Recycling paper out of all recyclable materials if the simplest and most recycled. When paper is sent to a recycling plant, it is sorted out into its different grades and contaminants such as trash, glass, plastics and metals are removed. Once the recovered paper is sorted and free of contaminants, it is compacted into large bales just like the process of aluminum cans and is taking to a paper mill for processing. The recycling process basically starts by shredding the paper materials and is mixed with water to create pulp, which is pretty much a soft, moist kind of cohering mass of the material. The pulp is then cleaned getting rid of any left over ink or harmful chemicals, and then turned into slush in a beater. It is then ready to be turned into new paper products such as newsprint, cardboard and other paper products, all within a seven-day period since being put in a recycling bin.

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