What recycling is when materials are reused, or remanufactured into new products instead of being thrown away. Some products like glass can be recycled or reused over and over again. The morning newspaper can be recycled and made into a new newspaper. When materials are recycled they must be separated and categorized.  The reason they must be separated is because, if different materials are mixed it ruins the material, contaminating it and making it unrecyclable. Once the materials have been separated, they must be cleaned before the material can be recycled. The main way they clean the material is by removing any kind of label or chemical on the product. After the material has been purified, it is crushed, melted or shredded. It depends on the type of material that is being recycled since everything is recycled and manufactured in different ways.

Muir's ecycling event in January, Robby, center

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