The most commonly given reason why people don’t recycle is because they believe that recycling doesn’t have that big of an impact. Also because it is an inconvenience for them. Many actions have been taken in order to make recycling as convenient as possible. Curbside pickup has now become a worldwide program throughout the United States. The curbside pickup program is a once weekly program where all recyclables put within a blue bin can be picked up just like your trash, this way it seems no different as to taking out the trash. Along with curbside pickup programs, local recycling plants have been opened up for business, generally at your local super market. These local recycling plants are small areas where you can exchange your recyclable goods such as glass, plastic and aluminum containers for money. This was started in order to make people aware that by recycling you can put an extra buck in your wallet, and there’s nothing wrong with some extra cash.  Some more ways to make recycling more convenient is to simply put a small bin by your trash can, this can reduce your amount of trash practically by half and you can take it out along with your trash, simple as that.

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