Recycling plastic is a little more complicated to recycle because there are seven different types of plastic that can be recycled, which makes things kind of more complicated to the recycling process. Some plastics can only be recycled in certain recycling plants, while others are more easily reused. Plastic recycling can mean a lot of different things from melting down the plastic to obtain the key fibers in the material, to cutting out specific parts to turn them into different objects. The main issue with recycling plastics is that not all plastics can be recycled, so a large amount of it still ends up in landfills. When it comes to recycling plastic, recycling plants have very specific rules. First they must examine each container to make sure there is no foreign material, such as labels and rocks and that the group numbers match. Then a special machine then chops the containers into small pieces, they look kind of like flakes. Afterward they are washed and dried, just before being melted in a special extruder. The extruder compresses the pile of small plastic flakes into pellets, which is what the recycling plant sells to companies who make products of the recycled plastic. Plastic recycling has become a great way to get raw material to build a lot of things like window frames and flooring, garden furniture, building insulation, office supplies and even the filling in sleeping bags. Some companies are experimenting with creating toys, building equipment and even clothes out of recycled plastic material. It may take longer to process, but the outcome makes up for it.
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